This course constitutes a rigorous program that focuses on enhancing the application of the four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.  This course is designed to help learners develop and more so intensively apply the basic skills they will need later on in their studies.  Learners will read and understand a variety of texts, write well-structured and coherent compare-contrast, cause-effect, and argumentative paragraphs with minimal grammatical, mechanical, and lexical errors as they progress towards writing well-organized academic essays, and comfortably use basic listening and speaking skills in their discussions and presentations.  As this is more of a communicative skills enhancing course, learners will be extensively indulged in experimenting with and experiencing the English language.

A major focus of this course is to help learners develop the language and communicative skills needed to express the main functions used in academic discourse.  In this course, learners read, discuss, and analyze intermediate course texts, enrich their vocabulary, practice definitions, and clearly discuss both orally and in accurate and well-organized academic paragraphs similarities, point out differences, and state causes and effects of different topics.

Moreover, this course helps learners develop their confidence and effectiveness in using spoken English in a range of academic situations as well as develop their academic listening skills.  Particular effort is put to help learners improve their pronunciation of English as they are provided with ample opportunities to listen to authentic speeches and recordings and then analyze them in terms of their phonological features (individual sounds and stress patterns) and also to practice speaking using the language studied.

Using self and peer-editing, learners will also find this course extremely helpful in developing their writing skills as they are required to deal with error analysis and substantial grammatical and mechanical topics.

In this course, particular care is given to support beginner learners in building up a strong foundation of basic language and learning skills.  Learners will be introduced to the basic structures of the English language and will be given continuous support to develop the minimum required in the four skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  At the end of this level, learners will be able to listen to, read, analyze, and understand simple beginner to lower-intermediate level texts, have simple conversations about basic matters, and to write short narrative and descriptive paragraphs with minimal grammatical and mechanical errors.

It focuses on strengthening individual learners’ foundations for the use of the four communicative skills.  This course is designed to help learners further develop and apply the basic skills they will need to build on in order to progress in their English language acquisition.  Using extensive lower-intermediate to intermediate level reading material, learners will be guided in their effort to analyze, discover, and explain as many language lessons as possible as they progress in their abilities to communicate in English.  Learners will also experiment with a variety of listening material, simple descriptive and process paragraph writing and editing, and speaking opportunities.  In this course again, learners will be given ample time and chances to get comfortable in their efforts to familiarize themselves with the English language.