Available courses

Course image The Jamal Abed Design Week - Spring 2024

During the period of March 11-18, 2023, the Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture is organizing the Design Week event with the support and sponsorship of the Friends of Jamal Abed, our late Dean of Architecture.

The Design Week is a unique design-learning and experimentation workshop where 65 students from our 5 curriculum years will team up in 13 teams, of 5 students each, competing to challenge preliminary design schemes regarding a selected topic of architecture, highlighting the importance of design thinking, team spirit and innovation as core constituents of architectural education.

Course image MGMT 309 - LECT - A : Entrepreneurship - 2023/FALL
Business Administration

This course is an introductory course to entrepreneurship.  It covers topics related to the nature and importance of entrepreneurship, forms of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial mind and the entrepreneurial process. It also explains the process of developing successful business concepts including recognizing opportunities and generating ideas, encouraging creativity, conducting feasibility analysis, developing an effective business model, conducting industry and competitor analysis and writing/presenting a business plan. 

Course image MGMT 203 - LECT - A : Principles of Management - 2023/FALL
Business Administration

This course offers an introduction to the basic management principles and foundations of management. It explores essential management concepts, theories, models, tools, processes and techniques that managers utilize in their day-to-day practice to ensure the success and survival of their organizations. Main topics covered include management history and evolution, motivation, decision-making, leadership, managing groups and teams, and human resource management. In addition to introducing theories, concepts and tools that are needed to manage various organizations of different vocations (private, public, for profit, NGO, governmental and others), this course sensitizes students to the practical aspects of leadership and management. This allows students to gain a fuller understanding of the discipline of management and organizational behavior, and prepare for their role as future managers and leaders